Friday, September 01, 2006

New York Times Article

Late Summer Path
Today's painting at The Painting a Day Project

Many of you know that I also maintain another blog called The Painting a Day Project where I post small daily paintings for sale. It's the same concept as the Flower-a-Day series I featured here. If you're a frequent visitor of art blogs you probably already know about VA artist Duane Keiser who is the originator of the 'painting a day' idea. You may also known that there are many other artists, myself included who paint and blog everyday. Yesterday, the New York Times ran an article featuring artist/bloggers who do a "painting a day". I was fortunate enough to be mentioned and saw traffic to my blog explode to 10x what I normally get!! This is the third time I've been published this year, the first two were The July/Aug. issue of Domino Magazine and on July 30th in the Lexington Hearald- Leader(also on-line at It's really amazing how these small paintings have taken off and are so well received by the general public. I think it's a great thing, bringing original art down to a size and price that most people can afford. Art enriches our lives but shouldn't just be for the rich!


ming said...

i wrote a bit about, art and the rich today,.. congrats on the newspaper review, a work of mine was in the papers today too, too bad it wasn't credited..

Jan Blencowe said...

Oh Ming...perhaps a note with a gentle reminder to the paper about giving credit where credit is due is in order! All publicity is good publicity only if your name is on it!!


ming said...

haha well said, looking forword to see your sunday painting.