Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Plover's Warning

The Plover's Warning, 16x20, oil/panel
$500, unframed
The weather was lousy today, but the saltmarsh is beautiful to me no matter what the weather or season. Overcast skies and some drizzle were not enough to keep me home. I set up and got about 30 min. into this and then it began to pour! I packed up as quickly as I could, blasted the heat in my car to dry my hair and clothes and did an errand. When I was finished with all that the rain had settled back to a light drizzle so I went back and set up again so I could finish. The title has a story to go with it. There are many nesting boxes set up in the marshes and several were quite close to where I was painting. The closest about 15 feet from where I was standing. A plover perched there and was my companion for the afternoon. Just before the rain really poured down he seemed to be calling out an insistant warning. Many of his brethern flew up and out of the marsh and into the shelter of the woods. I included them in my painting but they are very tiny so I'm not sure if you can see them or not.


Chuck Law said...

I can just hear the plover...I can see them too! I was wondering if you get redwinged blackbirds up your way Jan. They are all over the wetlands here in South Jersey this time of year. The flash of red and inky black always look so beatiful against the green marsh.
How well you have captured the overcast muted colors in this one Jan.

"van Vliet" Art Blog said...

Great site and artwork. Fresh and alive. I linked to your site as part of a post on "Painting A Day" culture. Gordon van Vliet is an fine oil painter working from his studio in Rochester, New York. Direct painting similiar to Sargent, Manet, Keiser, Jurick and others. He is sold on ebay and locally. He paints figure and portrait work and likes to put these images various settings to create a sense of action, drama and suspense.

Jan Blencowe said...

Chuck, yes we have Red Wings here ! I love their song "Oak-a-leeeee" In fact there's a small bird watchers park about a mile and a half from my house called Red Wing Park. I haven't painted there in a while seems to me like I should gety over there soon!

Jan Blencowe said...

Hey folks from Van Vliet...I paid a visit to your site very, very nice!!