Sunday, July 23, 2006

Queen Anne's Lace in the Marsh

Queen Anne's Lace in the Marsh, 16x20, oil/panel
$500, unframed
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It was overcast again today, although the sun is out now at 6:20 pm. This is a marsh view I've painted several times before but never in the summer!! There was lovely Queen Anne's Lace along the edge of the marsh. I was standing on a small bridge that goes over the water. There were all kinds of beautiful wildflowers growing along the edge of the bridge. Red clover, mullein, touch-me-not, so pretty to see them all gowing helter skelter among the reeds. Just outside the picture plane to the right there was a nesting platform and a family of ospreys keeping me company. After I finished up it began to rain, but then nothing really came of it and the sun began to break through. I went to pick up my daughter and on the way home we passed this spot and there was a bright white snowy egret standing in the water just past where the Queen Anne's lace is on the right. I've painted a few winter scenes here when the marsh is covered with snow and ice, even one or two in the evening with the moonlight glinting off the snow. Most of those paintings have been sold and I think I will make sure I get back here as the seasons change.

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Jennifer Young said...

Lovely painting! I love the soft quality. You commented on my blog some while ago on my old blog ( I now finally have a new blog ( ) and I've linked to yours. As a fellow landscape/plein air painter I think you are doing some wonderful stuff. Love your posts!