Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flower-a-Day: Iris Bud

Iris Bud,6x8, oil/wood,
plein air painting
unframed, free shipping, pay safely with PAYPAL
The sun is finally shining!!! Hooray!! Another day or two and this beauty and all its brothers and sisters will be unfurled in all their frilly glory. I am anxiously awaiting the moment! Of course you know what will happen...everything will bloom at once and I'll have to be painting like mad! For those of you who are artists and wondering about the support, palette and methodI'll talk a little about that. This is painted on a birch panel that was sanded, gessoed, and lightly sanded again. I'm back to using a limited palette of colors, just a triad of the primaries...Hansa Yellow Light (Utrecht), Quinacridone Red (Classic Artist Oils), Ultramarine Blue (Utrecht), Titanium White (Classic Artists Oils). I'm not using any medium or thinner, and this one was done alla prima, painted directly, no sketch, no underpainting. I used two bristle brushes (Signet), rounds #7, #4. Painted in approximatley on hour.

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