Sunday, May 21, 2006

Flower-a-Day: Iris at Eight, Azaleas at Nine

Azaleas at Nine, 6x8, oil/linen, plein air
$100, unframed
pay safely w/credit card through PAYPAL
Iris at Eight, 6x8, oil/linen,plein air
$100 , unframed
pay safely w/credit card through PAYPAL
After all that rain I am sooooo glad to see the sun!! Yesterday was beautiful also but I taught an all day pastel wokshop at the Tracy Art Center so no plein air painting. Great students in the class though, we had a blast! Took the pooch for an early morning walk and came back and set up the pochade box in the garden. The second iris was just opening. So I discovered another challenge to painting en plein air, flowers that are opening and actually moving as you're trying to paint them!! By the time I was finished the iris in the upper right was fully open and the large petals, called "falls", had unfolded and were hanging down. The azaleas are really in all their glory right now, this one has a coral/pink color to it, just scrumptious. The bees certainly thought so too. I had lots of little buzzing winged visitors while painting. The white beach roses are just opening up and I might get a chance to do one of those today too! Stay tuned!

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