Monday, October 10, 2005

A "warm" study,6x8,acrylic

A "cool" Study,6x8, acrylic

In a Blue Mood(final version), 9x12, acrylic on hardboard

The original painting used for the creative explorations
Bauer Park, 9x12, oil on canvas

Sunday was the second day of the Charles Sovek workshop I attended, and the weather was uncooperative for plein air painting once again! However we had a challenging and successsful day of studio work. Our assignment was to choose one of our own paintings that was "not so successful" and explore a number of different possibilities for reconstructing it, focusing on rearranging elements in the composition, changing the lighting and exploring both a warm and cool color scheme for the new piece. Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to explore new creative options and try things you might not normally think of doing and I can say that I experienced both these things on Sunday!! The original painting is one of my "not so successful" pieces, painted in oil on location sometime last fall. The two small pieces show a rearranged composition, somewhat different lighting and a warm and cool version of the piece. The final piece I've posted is a larger version of the "cool" study. Painting is a most fascinating pursuit because you're always learning, growing, changing and refining your artistic vision. The possibilities are endless, as this exercise shows, and a lifetime is not nearly long enough to explore every avenue of possibility.

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