Friday, April 04, 2008

Impressionist Pansy Paintings

Morning Pansies, 6x8, oil

Afternoon Pansies, 6x8, oil


Aren't these a charming pair? Morning and afternoon smiling pansy faces. We're having a string of April Showers here but as soon as the sun is shining again and the earth has warmed a little I'm filling my garden with pansies. Can't wait! But until then I'll just enjoy these darling little pieces, hope you do too!
A warm and cheery fire roars merrily
And shadows dance about the darkened room.
Beside the hearth a gardener sits and dreams
Of sunny days, of flowers in full bloom.
Some hollyhocks should tower near the fence,
Bright red. ones that the bees can't help but find.
The trellis at the gate again must wear
Blue morning glories, or the rosy kind.
To lend a bit of distance to the scene,
Close to the rear I'll plant in shades of blue:
The tall and stately larkspur, double ones­
Of course I'll put in scabiosa, too.
I couldn't do without a pansy bed­
Snapdragons make such beautiful bouquets­
Frilled zinnias and yellow marigolds
Add just the proper touch to autumn days.
The flowers grow and bloom with loveliness
Until a sound destroys the fantasy­
A burning ember falls and I must leave
My garden and my charming reverie.
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Sandy said...

These are Gorgeous!


Candy Barr said...

Lovely..and the poem too. What a nice combination...