Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bright, Colorful, Happy Impressionist Pansy Paintings

Pansy Trio, 6x6in, acrylic

Spring Pansies, 10x10, acrylic

Just Us Three, 20x24, acrylic

Pansies are one of the great delights of spring. Different than daffodils that seem formal, like trumpets announcing the arrival of a monarch, pansies seem unassuming and filled with good cheer like the villagers and peasants lining the street to catch a glimpse of their King or Queen, gazing with smiling faces lifted up. Lately, I've tried out painting this year's pansies in three sizes, in the first two the pansies are pretty much life size but in the third the pansies have become super-sized and have the presence of guests in your home.

Speaking of flower paintings, I came across this site to share with you, it's and they have a page of the TOP 10 FLOWER PAINTINGS (of all times presumably). I don't know who chose them or using what criteria, but it's fun anyway to see what's on someone's list of the top 10 flower paintings. Perhaps I should make my own personal list of favorite flower paintings. OK, look for that in the next couple of weeks, meanwhile enjoy the pansies.


The Epiphany Artist said...

Gorgeous Pansies!

k. Madison Moore said...

Jan....these are just beautiful!!!

art forums said...

hello !! do you know ?? a very new art forum. please have a look and introduce yourself, your blog and your paintings on it. good luck.

Alina said...

wonderful!! i loved it! i myself am an artist well just a beginner and i would appreciate if you would have any advices or comments on my paintings on

Bruno said...

Lol @ Jan. Amazing where you have found that old page on my website. While this section is not included on our new website, we do have a listing of flower paintings ordered by their popularity: .

And also: hello at Twitter, nice to meet you.