Thursday, March 27, 2008

Orchards and Vineyards Contemporary Impressionist Paintings

Apple Tree, 6x8, acrylic

Asian Pear Tree, 6x8, acrylic

Apple Orchard in Spring Impressionist Painting, painting by Jan Blencowe
Apple Trees in Spring, 6x8, acrylic

It seems I've stumbled into a new series of paintings! I love going to the orchard to pick fruit, starting with strawberries in June, blueberries in July, (also raspberries and gooseberries) August is for peaches, September apples and pears, and finally pumpkins in October. I've been doing this for years and years and I've accumulated quite a few photos of the orchard, which is what I'm working from at the moment. But as soon as the weather gets warmer I'll be packing up my paints and heading there for some plein air painting. I think the new series will be called Orchards and Vineyards, as there are some beautiful vineyards I can go to also. We'll see where this goes because I have it in the back of my mind to perhaps do some larger works in this series too. Stay tuned!

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