Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm #2 Today thanks to the Dabbling Mum

Shadows and Poppies, 6x8

Hi everyone! Exciting news, today I am #2 out of 3,902, on Artmajeur's Top 100 List for American Artists websites thanks to an interview that I did with the Dabbling Mum. It's on-line today here if you'd like to take a look. As of 3:42 pm today I've had 419 visitors to , a very nice bump from the interview. Traffic is also up today on my blog http://www.thepaintingadayproject/ with 96 unique visitors so far today. When people ask me how to get trafffic to their blog this is exactly the kind of thing you want to have happen. If you develop a strong presence on the web, and by that I mean you are listed in many, many places, you will be found. Show your work in as many free web galleries as possible, get listed in as many on-line directories as you can find, participate in forums for artists on-line, enter on-line art shows, participate in discussions through the comment section on other popular art blogs or websites. Never pass over an opportunity to get you work and your name out there. Now that I've had a new infusion of visitors a number have signed up for the automatic FeedBlitz e-mails which is teriffic, and hopefully many of them will visit my website often. Sales may also follow and it's very likely that other interview opportunities will also follow. The effect is like a snowball rolling down hill and it only takes one really good publicity opportunity to get the ball rolling. Here's a perfect example, in March 2006 I was featured in an article in Domino Magazine along with 5 other artists. That publicity created lots of sales and other publicity opportunities. But here's the kicker, two days ago I got an e-mail from a woman who read that article, tore it out of the magazine and saved it. Now that she and her family have moved into a new house she contacted me for a painting. Now I have a nice commission to work on. Think of it, 2 years later I'm still benefiting from that one magazine story.

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Just thought I'd let you know we moved your interview to, on the main site. :)