Friday, February 29, 2008

Dune Path Impressionist Landscape

Dune Path, acrylic, 24x18
I am just getting over a miserable, miserable flu. No, that's not a typo, I meant to say miserable twice. Because it was.... very. However, today I felt well enough to tackle an 18x24 canvas. Funny, after doing the large square series and the 20x24's for the gallery I can't seem to get excited about doing small paintings. This is good and bad. Good because the galleries like to have the bigger works and bad because the lion's share of my sales come through my daily painting blog and there most people prefer the $100, 6x8's. What to do, what to do? Artists are often helpless creatures, beholden to the muse and can't really make a move without her. Like a writer with writer's block no art will be forth coming unless you have her blessing. I'm going to try to cross post the larger pieces to my daily blog and also look for subjects that will help inspire me for the little guys. I'm also beginning to think that one problem is trying to force the same amount of detail I've been acustomed to in the larger paintings into the smaller ones. Though I don't remembr that ever being a problem before it might be a good idea to pull back and make those smaller pieces more minimal, sparse even, focusing on just the essentials. Well, that's not exactly earth shaking advice, it's actually pretty standard fare when learning how to compose and block in a painting, but it never hurts to go back to the basics! Stay tuned!

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