Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer Garden

Summer Garden, 12x36, oil
I have a hot garden ! LOL This painting shows part of long border that runs the length of our property where it meets the road. You can see it from our livingroom window and since you see it from across the front yard I decided on a very hot, bright color scheme that would show up at a distance. It's filled with red, orange and yellow lillies of different varieties, crocosima, that's the deep red arching flowers. This particular variety is called Lucifer, there's also red-purple coneflowers and taxic cab yellow black eyed susan. In this piece the morning sun is pouring in from behind. I find it absolutely delightful to be in the garden, I have many bird and insect friendy plants and the garden is absolutely buzzing, quivering and singing with life. What JOY!
The Bee is Not Afraid of Me
The Bee is not afraid of me.
I know the Butterfly.
The pretty people in the Woods
Receive me cordially
--The Brooks laugh louder when I come --
The Breezes madder play;
Wherefore mine eye thy silver mists,
Wherefore, Oh Summer's Day?
~Emily Dickinson


Jennifer said...

Lovely! Love the format of this painting, Jan. This is my kind of garden. I will do this next year instead of tomatoes. I've got tomatoes coming out the ears! Yummy for bruschetta, but not as pretty to paint ;-)

The Epiphany Artist said...

LOL Just gorgeous-- the colors are the last hurrah before fall!

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Jennifer, I don't know, I think tomato plants that are laden with ripe red tomatoes hav some possibilities. Maybe you need to plant heirloom varieties that come in different colors I've seen some beauties in seed catalogs. It's always fun to integrate the different things we love like gardening and painting. Monet did it and so should we!!


Virginia Wieringa said...

Haven't been to your blog for a while. Glad to see you're still doing gorgeous paintings. Love the horizontal format!