Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day is Done

Day is Done, 7x9.5, oil
Sunsets are the most humbling subject matter to paint! It's while painting a sunset that I'm constantly reminded how inadequate my paints are to reproduce the glorious grandure of nature. The intensly glowing colors of a sunset can never be captured by mere paints and brushes. The best an artist can hope for is the recollection of a memory created by the splash of color and the juxtaposition of values on the canvas. While this painting pales compared to the actual event it does retain enough of the mood and feeling and a close enough approximation of the colors to bring me back to that moment.
If you are intersted in purchasing this painting for $100 please e-mail me at jan.blencowe@comcast.net

1 comment:

Ed Terpening said...

this is a really lovely piece, Jan. i think today's master of the sunset has got to be Ovanes Berberian. he has a great show right now at New Masters gallery in Carmel.