Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Three New Plein Air Paintings

Waterway, 8x10, oil

Shorebird Sanctuary, 8x10, oil

The Marsh Beckons, 8x10, oil

The whole feel of the marsh is changing now that we are well into November. It's cold and the colors have become muted. Even the air quality has changed, and on cold days it's dry and clear and I can hear the birdcalls and the sounds of wildlife from far over the marsh. I've had to begin wearing gloves when I paint and a few layers of clothing as the wind can cut right through you. Still I love being out there and it will have to get much colder before I stop going out. Enjoy!

Each of the above paintings is $160, unframed. To purchase contact me at jan.blencowe@comcast.net


pleinair said...

Hey, found your site by a google alert.
Glad to meet another Plein air artist.
Neither rain nor snow...........

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting! "neither rain nor snow" so true I'll be out there throughtout the winter, looking forward toi my first sonw painting of the season! I'd like to invite you to visit the plein air forum at WetCanvas.com you'll find it as a sub forum in the Artwork From Life forum. I think you'll like what you see there.

Ashley said...

Great blog and you are doing a fine job. Come by mine, check things out and make sure to sign my guestbook or leave a comment