Sunday, September 10, 2006

Community Garden Sunflowers

Community Garden Sunflowers, 9x12, oil/linen
$375, unframed

Bauer Park has community garden plots where folks can grow vegetables and flowers and as you can see sunflowers of every variety are very popular. There's a bit of glare in this photo making things appear a bit sharp, the original has a very warm mellow feel to it. I think it's the texture of the linen this is painted on that causes the light to catch the raised fibers and pick up the sunlight reflecting off the wet paint. Anyway this has such a warm, summer's end feel to it I think it's one of my favorites of this year!


ming said...

love your treatment of the sunflowers!

almost decorative, and so strong againts the back ground.

a beautiful and interesting piece

LDahl said...

This is so beautiful!! You have really captured the feeling of light and air. Your masses are good and the colors are subtle yet rich! Very nice!
I'm really enjoying your blog.