Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Six Pack of Paintings

Bauer Park Barn, 6x8, oil/panel

Hammonasset Lake, 6x8, oil/panel

Queen Anne's Lace at Bauer Park, 6x8, oil/panel

Hammonasset Afternoon, 6x8, oil panel

Hammonasset Sunset, 6x8, oil/panel

Joe Pye Weed, 6x8, oil/panel

The six paintings above are $100.00 each, unframed, free shipping in the US


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Lots of painting this week-end! I went to two of my favorite places, Hammonasset State Park on Saturday and Bauer Park on Sunday, both in Madison, CT. The little gems are 6x8 inches in response to many requests for small format landscapes. It seems that this size that I use for the Flower-a-Day Series and used previously for the Painting a Day Project is very popular with folks out there! Your feedback has told me that this size, priced at $100, is very affordable and allows you to purchase original paintings. They are also affordable enough to purchase multiples to hang in a grouping or to sit on a shelf, desk or mantel, yet when they are framed they are large enough to hold their own on a wall. They're also very enjoyable to paint! A win-win situation!! Look for more of these in the coming months.

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