Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shampashoo Island

Shampashoo Island,9x12, oil/mounted canvas
$375, unframed
This small island is named after a Montowese Indian Princess, Princess Shampashoo. Comprised of large boulders it sits in a small, quiet cove on the east side of Money Island, one of the Thimble Islands in the Long Island sound off the coast of Stony Creek in Branford CT. The Madison Art Society Plein Air Painters took a trip out there (accessible only by boat) yesterday for a perfect day of painting. The morning light was just fabulous and the weather perfect. The colors were glowing....the pinkish, and sandy yellow of the boulders, violet and blue in the shadows and the deep reds and greens of the wet seaweed covered rocks. Almost the whole time I was painting an elegant egret was fishing for his breakfast in the bay. This is why I love plein air painting!

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