Sunday, July 16, 2006

Parrot Trees

Parrot Trees, 16x20, oil/panel
$500, unframed
HOT, HOT, HOT ! This was easily the hottest day of the summer so far. Hamonasset State Park was jammed with people, many of the parking areas and roads were closed. I couldn't get to many of my favorite painting places. Instead I found an out of the way section of one of the less used parking areas along the edge of a wetlands area and stood in the shadow of a bird blind. Right behind me was a tree full of Quaker Parrots (aka Monk Parakeets). These birds are native to South America but we've had large colonies of them in Connecticut since the 1960's when a crate full of them broke open at Kennedy Airport and they escaped. It seems they've adapted to our climate and are thriving. They are a beautiful bright lime green, and what a lot of squawking and chattering they do. It was delightful, I felt like I was in the rainforest. Large groups of these beautiful and excotic creature flew playfully from tree to tree. Now here's the bad news, United Illuminating is killing hundreds and hundreds of these beautiful birds because they nest on utility poles. UI claims the nests can cause fires and power outages. Though I've not seen one case of such documented. They kill the parakeets or give them over for scientific research. Horrible!!! Other power companies that opperate in areas that also have these birds (PSE&G NJ and Con Edison NY) have more humane ways of dealing with the birds. PLEASE sign this online petition, which I found today, to protest and hopefully change UI policy regarding these beautiful birds.

plein air
monk parakeet
quaker parrot

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