Friday, May 12, 2006

Flower-a-Day:Tulip in North Light

Tulip in North Light, 6x8, oil/wood
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Another soggy day! I ran outside in the pouring rain today to pick the last tulip in my garden. Tulips can be scarce in my garden. Generally, they only bloom in the spring if I've planted them the previous fall. I don't think our summers are dry enough and the bulbs rot in the ground and don't bloom the following year. Those that do make it often become a meal for the deer that wander through my yard in the wee hours of the morning. Anyway this beautiful pale yellow and pink tulip looked stunning placed in the blue/gray north light illuminating my diningroom today. You may have noticed that this is painted on wood. I've run out of my current favorite surface, RayMar panels with double oil primed Claessans Belgian Linen #15. RayMar called me last night to tell me that they had just talked to their supplier in Belgium and they wouldn't be getting more double primed linen for another 2 weeks!! So I had them ship me the single primed panels instead. The difference isn't great, not like skim milk to whole milk, more like light cream to heavy cream. I love this surface it's creamy and silky but not slick. So without any RayMar panels I had to make some panels this morning. I had some birch plywood already cut into 6x8 size and I primed it with gesso and gave it a light sanding, perfectly acceptable until my linen panels arrive. Which will be soon I hope. I can't link you to RayMar Art today because apparently their website is down, I'll include a link in tomorrows post.

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