Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Flower-a-Day Lilacs

Lilacs, 6x8, oil/linen
Gardener's lore says that you can plant out annuals once the lilacs have bloomed. Usually that is the case, and although I don't think it was near freezing overnight, it was certainly very chilly and damp today. So, if you've put out your annuals already don't expect much in the way of growth until the temps really warm up! Lilacs are a rather unremarkable looking shrub for most of the year but in May they are gorgeous. Lilacs are always soooo fragrant, I just love having them in the house. And have them in the house I do! I don't have a lilac bush of my own so I went to my mom's and cut a big bouquet from hers. Since the weather was uncooperative I brought them in and painted in the house today. I set up on the diningroom table rather than in my studio area to take advantage of the north light that pours in through the sliding glass doors. Much is made of "north light" among artists and rightly so. The light from the north has a peculiar, shimmery kind of quality to it and remains steadier than light coming in a south facing window. So despite the cool temperatures and drizzly weather painting was very pleasant today though not en plein air.
I would like to mention that all these Flower-a-Day paintings are for sale, at $100 a piece, unframed. The Apple Blossoms have already sold. If you are interested in purchasing one send me an e-mail and I will bill you in an e-mail through PAYPAL, and you can pay securely with a credit card. I will ship your painting first class mail.
How about a little trip to Vienna, Austria today?? Take a moment and visit Andrew Judd's Blog, he's currently painting in the cafes and public squares in Vienna. Beautiful work you won't want to miss!

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