Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Flower-a-Day: Early Daylily

Early Daylily, 6x8, oil/linen
$100, unframed, free shipping in the US
Well, what a surprise I had this morning in the garden, a daylily already blooming!! Most daylilies bloom in July, a few in late June, but wow, an early one at the end of May!! How cool is that??!! I have no clue as to the specific variety. A few years ago I ordered a grab bag of 50 daylilies. Many of the roots were a good healthy size but there were also quite a few tiny ones, which I just stuck in here and there. This is the first year this one has bloomed, and what a grand surprise it was to see it as I walked out of the yard while taking Maggie for her morning walk. I knew exactly what I would be doing when I got back LOL.

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