Friday, May 05, 2006

Flower-a-Day: Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart for Chip, 6x8, oil linen
The weather has really turned nice and it was a perfect morning for painting in the garden. I'm especially sentimental about these flowers. They're fringed bleeding heart. I planted them in memory of one of my dogs, Chip, who passed away some years back. He was such a big, scruffy, goofy seewtheart. Right beside this large clump of bleeding heart I have a garden statue of a squirrel, because he was always the "king of the squirrel hunt'! He caught one once and was so surprised he immeditely dropped it and the squirrel squeezed throught the fence and zoomed up a tree. I have it in my head to try and do a daily painting(weather permitting) in the garden and document the ever changing parade of flowers from spring to fall. I particularly like this small 6x8 format, as it gives a nice intimate feel, as if you're really getting to know the flower. I think that would make a wonderful series for a show, all these small imtimate flower portraits hung together. I'll have to see if I can find a venue for that kind of a show. If anyone has ideas feel free to leave me a comment!!


Virginia Wieringa said...

Jan- Beautiful work! I saw the apple blossoms on Wet Canvas and I've been reading the thread about blogging versus WetCanvas. When I got to your site I saw the painterskeys link. There's another absorbing place to spend computer time!
You do beautiful work.

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Virginia,

Yes the internet and especially the blogging community offers a seemingly endless amount of interesting information. Lots of fun but a time bandit too! So glad you like my work, thanks for visiting and commenting. i really appreciate the feedback!