Sunday, April 09, 2006

Walking Hammonasset

Walking Hammonasset,18x24, oil/canvas
plein air painting
"A Painting well begun is a painting half done." That's the old painters adage. The first half hour of a painting is the most critical for me, if my "block- in" is solid then I slip into right brain mode and I'm in the "zone". Today I had so many people stop to chat in the first 1/2 hour that I just couldn't concentrate. I don't say this to discourage you from stopping to watch an artist work or offer encouragement. I usually enjoy talking with people and often think of myself as an ambassador for the arts,....... after that first 30 min. LOL! So, with many distractions I pushed ahead but after two hours of muddling around aimlessly I wiped down my entire canvas turned my easel around and began to paint a new view. That may have been a good thing since at 3 pm the light and shadows were much more interesting. After such a loooong warm up I painted full speed and was able to get going quickly which was a good thing because I continued to have a steady stream of visitors right up until the very end of the day.

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