Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ideas for Collectors

Today I have a special post for those of you who are art collectors. Even if you've only purchased a single painting, photograph, sculpture or piece of pottery you can consider yourself a collector! An emerging collector perhaps, but a collector none the less. Purchasing and owning a piece of original art is a very special thing. You now have in your home or office something completely unique that will never be repeated. It is the result of an endeavor that is distinctly human and something that many feel transcends the human and touches the divine. I know that many of you have seen "paintings" created by dogs, dolphins and even elephants. These are very novel and great for fundraisers that benefit animal advocacy and protection groups, but I don't think they qualify for "art" as people have generally understood it over the thousands of years humans have been creating beautiful things. Artists have the humbling opportunity to strike a chord with people regarding the BIG issues we all ponder at times...truth, beauty, purpose, meaning... being just a few.

New collectors are sometimes hesitant to buy art. They worry if they're buying something "good", if the artist is really "talented". They are sometimes concerned with the price...does a low price, compared with other artists work, mean this work isn't as good....or conversely does the big price tag mean it's a great piece of art?? Why is this painting so expensive anyway??
First of all, unless you are buying purely for investment and want no emotional connection to what you are buying, go with your heart. The work you buy must stir something in you, a memory, a feeling. The colors must make you joyful, the shapes bring serenity, there must be something that captivates you, takes your breath away. You must love what you buy. In a way it will become a companion hanging there in you home bringing that same feeling to you over and over again. Listen to your heart and choose wisely. If the piece you love is outside your budget see if you can purchase it in installments. If that's not possible inquire if the artist has other similar pieces in a smaller size, or perhaps he/she will take a commission for a piece in your price range.

Finally "caveat emptor"...buyer beware, be smart and know what you're getting. Below is a list compiled by Florida Landscape Artist Linda Blondheim on what art collectors can and should expect. If you have a moment click on the link in the sidebar and visit Linda's website.

For Collectors: What should you expect from an artist you deal with? You should expect good communication skills. You should expect to see representative samples of the artist's work.You should expect to receive work by the deadlines agreed upon, or be advised of any unforseen situation which will cause delays. You should expect to be treated courteously and with respect. You should expect to receive some documentation about the painting you purchase, with archival information, for future restoration if needed.You should expect the artist to use professional quality paints and supports, to insure longevity of the painting.You should expect a skill level which is comparable with the cost of the painting.You should expect an invoice or receipt for the painting. Most of my collectors are my personal friends. I go the extra mile for them always and do the best I can to please them. They are very important to me as clients and personal friends. They deserve no less than my best efforts.(compiled by Linda Blondheim)

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