Saturday, April 22, 2006

Flowering Trees and FeedBlitz

Flowering Trees,8x10, oil/canvas panel
plein air painting
We're in for a few days of rain so I got out first thing this morning. I sat at our picnic table on our deck and painted these delicate flowering trees in our backyard. This is a yearly spring ritual for me, I think this makes #5. I painted until there were too many raindrops on my palette to continue! April showers!!! (Oh, BTW this is painted on one of the panels I made the other day!)
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Sioux said...

This is truly beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Jan, I just love your paintings! They have such a breezy, earthy quality to them. Your still lifes remind me of Cezanne!

Do you live in Connecticut? I grew up in Darien and Weston, then moved to Phoenix when I turned 13. The flowering trees and daffodils are among my fondest memories!

I've tried my hand at plein air painting, but struggled with the imprecision of it, compared to drawing with pastels. But your paintings have inspired me to dig out my plein air easel and dust off my oils. Thank you for your inspiration, and thank you for stopping by both my blogs!

Jan Blencowe said...


Thanks for visiting! Yes I live on the Connecticut shore. No reason not to bring your pastels outside that's how I started with plein air.