Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flower-a-Day: Pansies

Pansies in the Afternoon,6x8, oil/panel
plein air painting
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This afternoon 3 new art books arrived in the mail. It was such a beautiful day I settled down on the porch swing ready to dive into my new books. I began with Hawthorne on Painting and was so inspired by what I read just a few pages into the book, I dropped the book and picked up my paint brushes and in a surge of creative enthusiasim painted the pansies on my deck!
Here's a sampling of what inspired me to action: "Anything under the sun is beautiful if you have the vision - it is the seeing of the thing that makes it so. The world is waiting for men (and women) with vision-it is not interested in mere pictures. What people subconsciously are interested in is the expression of beauty, something that helps them through the humdrum day, something that shocks them out of themselves and something that makes them believe in the beauty ond glory of human existence"....and reading further..."Beauty in art is the delicious notes of color one against the other...there are....just so many colors but it's the beautiful combination that makes a masterpiece. It is beautifully simple, painting-all we have to do is to get the color notes in their proper relation." Charles Hawthorne

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Sioux said...

Beautiful words...lovely, inspirational painting.