Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bauer Farm in Early Spring, 16x20, oil/canvas
plein air painting
The windy month of March continues. Sunday I went to this beautiful old farmstead turned environmental education center. But alas I had to battle my old foe the wind! I started out painting the red barn across the road, but after the third time my canvas blew off the easel I wiped down my paintng and tried another view in a different spot. It was a view I've painted before of a winding dirt road coming down a hill on the edge of the orchard. After an hours work and continued trouble keeping my canvas on the easel I decided to wipe that one down too. Finally, I took shelter next to a building and turned my attention to the farm house. As you may have guessed I'd wasted quite a bit of time and sunlight. It was 3:10 when I began the farmhouse and it was getting cold. I worked very rapidly to get an accurate block-in done with all the visual information I would need to complete this at home the next day. So this is actually a hybrid. Begun on location and finished in the studio. It happens that way sometimes when mother nature doesn't cooperate.
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