Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Squares Keep Rollin'

Follow Me
Follow Me, painting by Jan Blencowe

Follow Me, acrylic, 30x30

Number 4 out of 6 of my new large square format series. This series is reserved for a show in Feb. I am accepting pre-show sales, if you are interested e-mail me for details.

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Question the beautiful earth; question the beautiful sea; question the beautiful air, spread thinly over all the earth; question the beautiful heavens; question the arrangement of the constellations; question the sun brightening the day with its shining; question the moon, lessening with its splendour the darkness of the following night; question the living creatures that move about in the water, those that stay on land,and those that flit through the air - question al these things and they will all answer:"Look and see! We are beautiful." Their beauty is the sign of their agreement, that nobody could have made these beautiful transitory things, except the unchanging Beauty.

Augustine of Hippo

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