Sunday, January 06, 2008

Explorations in Acrylic Continue

Don't Ask Why, 6x8, acrylic

I'm having a jolly time with these Chroma Interactive Acrylics. They are allowing me to paint in an atmospheric way, and achieve results that I like but am too impatient to achieve in oils. ( It's a character flow, I know LOL) So here are a few things I've learned: You need to use A LOT of paint to get results similar to oils. Oil paint is, well oily or buttery, and spreads smoothly over the canvas, and it's more opaque even in thin layers. With acrylics you need to use a lot more paint because it doesn't spread over large areas as easily. Not a really big deal, just something to get used to. A good paint extender is a must. I'm using Golden brand soft gel gloss and like that very much. You can really get juicy effects and good brush strokes or use it to get luminous, transparent glazes. When thinned with water it can also be used as an isolation coat before the next layer or before varnishing. That is something else I learned, use a good final varnish if you want to achieve and oil painting look. I'm currently using Chroma Solvent Finish Varnish-Gloss. It's good for both oils and acrylics, so that's handy, I won't need to buy two different kinds of varnishes. The big test is still coming though. I'm doing a show in Feb. and will need six new 30x30 paintings and I'm going to do them in acrylic ( I think.... unless I chicken out and do some in oils). Also, I entered a 20x24 acrylic in a large juried show today, a show that is very traditional in it's tastes and selections, so we will see if the acrylics can hold their own against the more traditional oils and if anyone even notices! I'll keep you all posted!

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