Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Looking for the Bright Spot

Looking for the Bright Spot, 6x6, oil
Looking for the bright spot on a gray day...kind of like a metaphor for life!

A Grey Day

Grey drizzling mists the moorlands drape,
Rain whitens the dead sea,
From headland dim to sullen cape
Grey sails creep wearily.
I know not how that merchantman
Has found the heart; but 'tis her plan
Seaward her endless course to shape.
Unreal as insects that appall
A drunkard's peevish brain,
O'er the grey deep the dories crawl,
Four-legged, with rowers twain:
Midgets and minims of the earth,
Across old ocean's vasty girth
Toiling--heroic, comical!
I wonder how that merchant's crew
Have ever found the will!
I wonder what the fishers do
To keep them toiling still!
I wonder how the heart of man
Has patience to live out its span,
Or wait until its dreams come true.
William Vaughn Moody

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Jo Castillo said...

Hi Jan, You found it! Certainly brightened my day. :) Nice painting.