Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Field Studies en Plein Air

Oyster River Evening, 6x8, oil

Beach Path, 6x8, oil

Morning Path, 6x8, oil

Edge of the Woods, 6x8, oil


I really enjoy painting small field studies outdoors. It's amazing how much you learn about nature, color, light, the rhythms of the seasons and the turning from night to day when you spend time working directly from nature. Larger studio works may seem grander and have more polish and finish but they can never compete with the intimate and fresh depiction of a scene you get when you work small and quick outdoors.

For your Spirit woven into the Fabric of creation

for the eternal overlapping with time

and the life of the earth interlaced with heaven's vitality

I give you thanks, O God.

For your untamed creativity

your boundless mystery

and your passionate yearnings

planted deep in the soul of every human being

I give you thanks.

Grabt me the grace to reclaom these depths

to uncover this treasure

to liberate these longings

and in being set free in my own spirit

to act for the well-being of the world.

J.Philip Newell

from~A Celtic Benediction~

Each of these field studies is available for purchase, unframed, $100. E-mail me jan.blencowe@comcast.net pay securely with PayPal


Ed Terpening said...

Nice work, Jan. Isn't it great to have great weather again? i can't wait to get out more.

Jo Castillo said...

Jan, these are great. It is good to get out and paint! Thanks for giving us a peek as well.

Chuck Law said...

Beautiful work Jan
...and I love the prayer, I'm putting a copy into my paint box. Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

Nice Jan the paintgs look great