Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Westbrook Dunes

Westbrook Dunes, 16 x20, oil
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This painting was done as a demonstration for my landscape painting class at the Tracy Art Center. I'm pleased with the variety of earthy colors in this and the composition. I think it really captures the lonley, rugged feeling of the dunes in the off season.

Sand Dunes
Sea waves are green and wet,
But up from where they die,
Rise others vaster yet,
And those are brown and dry.

They are the sea made land
To come at the fisher town,
And bury in solid sand
The men she could not drown.

She may know cove and cape,
But she does not know mankind
If by any change of shape,
She hopes to cut off mind.

Men left her a ship to sink:
They can leave her a hut as well;
And be but more free to think
For the one more cast-off shell.

Robert Frost


Ed Terpening said...

Love the addition of a poem with your post. I've thought of doing the same thing. Did you recall this verse, or look it up online?

Jan Blencowe said...

This time I specifically googled sand dune poems and found this one. Sometimes after a painting is done it reminds me of a certain poem, I'd really like to try finding the poem first and doing a painting that matches the mood or subject of the poem. ~Jan