Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Azalea Time

Azalea Time
6x8, oil
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The garden is really starting to take off as we finally have some warm weather! Beautiful bold azaleas, along with tiarella and Spanish bluebells and some lovely creeping ground covers begin to create a floral fantasy along the edge of the wooded area next to my house. The dappled light was flickering as a gentle breeze moved the leaves of the trees about so it seemed to my eye that everything was in motion.
I really enjoy these small paintings I often get more satisfation form these little ones than large studio pieces. These little jewels seem to capture in more immediate, intimate way the sense of place that is so important in plein air work. Enjoy!
The Azalea
There, where the sun shines first Against our room,
She trained the gold Azalea, whose perfume She,
Spring-like, from her breathing grace dispersed.
Last night the delicate crests of saffron bloom,
For this their dainty likeness watched and nurst,
Were just at point to burst.
At dawn I dreamed, O God, that she was dead,
And groaned aloud upon my wretched bed,
And waked, ah, God, and did not waken her,
But lay, with eyes still closed,
Perfectly blessed in the delicious sphere
By which I knew so well that she was near,
My heart to speechless thankfulness composed.
Till'gan to stir A dizzy somewhat in my troubled head
It was the azalea's breath, and she was dead!
The warm night had the lingering buds disclosed,
And I had fallen asleep with to my breast A chance-found letter pressed
In which she said,'So, till to-morrow eve, my Own, adieu!
Parting's well-paid with soon again to meet,
Soon in your arms to feel so small and sweet,
Sweet to myself that am so sweet to you!'

Coventry Patmore

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