Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One View Four Paintings

Big Clouds, oil, 9x12

Hammonasset Clouds, 16x20, oil

Hammonmasset Sky, 12x16, oil

Hammonasset View, 18x24, oil

All these paintings are a version of the same view. The Meigs Point Nature Center in Hammonasset State Park is up on a hill. From behind the nature center you can see this beautiful vista. Painting #3 Hammonasset Sky was painted on Memorial Day week-end, May 30th 2005. Painting #1 Big Clouds was painted after that during the summer of 2005. Painting #4 Hammonasset View was a studio piece based on both of those done over the winter. Hammonasset Clouds, #2 was painted this past week-end as a demonstration for the Tracy Art Center at their booth at the Old Saybrook Arts & Crafts Fair. I recently read Elizabeth Mowry's book Landscape Meditations. The focus of this book is the benefit and necessity of recurring themes in an artists body of work. This view with a big sky and clouds and the flat stretch of slatmarsh and the waterways that run through it has become a favorite motif. I believe it is one image in the broader theme of saltmarsh that dominates my current work.


David said...

Jan -- what a wonderful series! The meditations are just beautiful. Best of luck with the show.



Jan Blencowe said...

Thanks David!