Sunday, July 09, 2006

Path Through the Marsh

Path Through the Marsh, 16x20, oil/mounted canvas
$500, unframed
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I love the marsh, I really, really do. Any of you who have been regular readers here know that the marsh is a recurring theme in my work. Today the late afternoon light just brought the marsh to life and splashed beautiful colors all round. As I was finishing up a very large buck was browsing in the marsh just to the left of what you see in the painting. He was very handsome with large antlers and a glossy reddish tan coat. No, I didn't have my camera,*sigh* I love seeing wildlife like that, it's such a joy. I met a number of nice folks today, including a very nice woman who works for Pfizer, the large pharmaceutical company. Pfizer used to hold an annual art show, and buy pieces accepted in the show for its corporate collection. They stopped doing that a few years ago, due most likely, to budget constraints. We talked about the benefit of art in many different areas: the workplace, hospitals, nursing homes etc. It was nice to talk to someone who appreciated the benefits art can bring to human beings.


Ed Terpening said...

Nice painting, Jan. I really like the distance you've achieved (ariel perspective) and the color harmany really works too.

I used to paint marshes too, but sort of ran out of ideas, needed new subjects. Have you seen Camille Przwodeck's marsh series? Really incredible.

Chuck Law said...

This is beautiful Jan. I've done many marsh scenes in the past and I share your love of the wetlands. Even though I'm only currently painting stilllifes, I drive through marshlands every day. This time of year the green lushness of it all ( even the green smell )is nature at its finest. I'll bet that buck looked wonderful out there. You really captured that feeling in this one.

Jan Blencowe said...

I have seen Camille's marsh series! I love her work, really like her use of color and how she sometimes leans toward abstracting the landscape. The marsh is a recurring theme in my work, one that hasn't played itself out yet, maybe it never will. I find the marsh a fascinating place solitary and lonley and yet full of life. It's funny because I've lived around marshes for almost 20 years but never really felt the connection until I started painting them.