Friday, June 02, 2006

Flower-a-Day: Peony no. 2

Peony no.2, 6x8, oil/wood
$100,unframed, free shipping in the US
We had thunderstorms and pouring rain last night and I was afraid that would be the end of the peonies that had opened...but they were fine this morning! It's very overcast today and I had the odd experience of watching it rain across the street at the neighbors but not in my yard while I was painting LOL I guess the Muse was on my side today!


painter-chum said...

hello Jan. very nice paintings. I love to plein air paint too. have just joined a plein air group for this summer, we start in July so looking forward to that.

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi painter-chum...

The artists forum has an on line plein air group where you can post your plein air work get comments and critique if you want and find lots of great plein air advice and resources. I highly recommend it!


Chuck Law said...

Hi Jan
I just hopped over after reading your post on my clams. Your blog is a real class act. I love the Flower a Day pantings. My peonies pooped out before I had a chance to capture any :( ...but what a pleasure viewing yours! I can almost smell that wonderful spring-into-summer fragrance.


Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for visiting, glad you like the blog!~ I added yours to my sidebar links. Peonies are beautiful but don't have a long life if they're pelted by I made sure I painted them even though the weather was gray, damp and drizzley. Probably will do more today, I have some in other colors...and the weather is still gray, damp and drizzley today. I really love those shell and shore paintings!! I used to live in NJ, Morristown and Plainsboro right outside Princeton and went to the shore (Long Beach Island, mostly) and your paintings remind me of those times!