Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Photos of My Garden

I though I would share a few photos of my garden which provides so much inspiration for my paintings. It's still early in the gardening season so there is still a lot of green but the COLOR is coming. When I first started gardening more than a dozen years ago the color palette in the garden was romantinc, lovely pastel colors, peach, pink, lavendar and pale yellow. Over the years I changed the mood of the garden considerably. I also got better at planning and planting for different color schemes as the season progressed. Now, in the spring/early summer the colors are still soft. Iris, peonies, roses, catmint, salvia, hardy geraniums, bleeding heart, lamium, violets are what's blooming. But come July there will be daylilies, and asiatic lilies, crocosima, coreopsis, rudbekia, yarrow, and sedum all in very HOT yellows, oranges and reds!! They will be moderated by white feverfew, and the rosey glow of purple coneflower and the blue/lavendar of the butterfly bushes. Several varieties of phlox also help soften things. As the summer winds down the colors take a muted dusky turn, going towards, mauve, and dusty rose, some coppers and violets again. Asters and mums take center stage then. In another month or so I'll take some more photos and show you an update.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I love your garden and your flower paintings...I don't know how you have the time to paint and keep your garden looking so lovely.

Jan Blencowe said...

It's not easy....when I wasn't painting (when my kids were small)all I did was garden. Each year I'd take on a big expansion project...now Yikes It is a lot but the kids are all teens now and they help a lot. Monet said that life should be half painting and half gardening...I agree! LOL