Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Flower-a Day: Dark Iris and Bronze Iris

Dark Iris, 6x8, oil/wood
$100, unframed, free shipping

Bronze Iris, oil/linen

$100, unframed, free shipping

The iris are the divas of the garden right now and I couldn't resist doing two today. I wish I could tell you exactly what variety of iris these are, but they are part of that venerable tradition among gardeners...the pass a long plant. I've never actually bought an iris, all mine were passed along to me when gardening friends divided their iris beds. The light blue/violet ones painted in previous days smell like grape jelly, and the bronze one here has a fragrance that reminds me of rootbeer!! The dark iris has a scent also but it's too complex to describe.

One of the criticisms I often hear regarding paintings of flowers, "florals" as artists call them is that they are too sentimental as a subject. It's true that flowers are associated with memorable occassions like weddings, anniversaries, births and deaths, but I think that the flowers themselves have strength wrapped up in beauty as they grow, adapt, reproduce and content with with the harsh realities of nature as the seek to survive. Perhaps that is precisely why we choose them as part of the celebration of life's big events. Strength, adaptability and beauty. May all our lives be graced with such qualities.

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