Sunday, April 30, 2006

Watercolor and Oils en plein air

Hammonasset Hiking Trail, 14x18, oil on canvas panel

Rocky Beach, 11x14, watercolor, clayboard

End of the Day,11x14, watercolor,clayboard

Something a little bit different today, I took my watercolors along. I have a set of 24 Pelikan pan watercolors which I like very much, there's a nice variety of good rich colors and they're not too expensive! I like to work on Ampersand's textured clayboard which is an amazing surface for watercolor. It's really wonderful allowing for very easy corrections and regaining areas of white that have been lost. It also has great absorbtion of the pigment allowing lots of clean glazing and layering. I began and ended the afternoon with the watercolors and in the middle I did the oil painting.

If any of you are curious about Hammonasset State Park you can find out more about it HERE. It's really a treasure and I'm so fortunate to live close by.

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