Monday, April 03, 2006

New Easy Purchasing

In an effort to make my paintings more easily available to my collectors and new visitors to Art & Life I'm adding prices and contact information with each painting posted. You can pay securely with a credit card through paypal even if you don't have a paypal account. Paintings will be shipped first class/priority mail. Shipping costs depend on the size of the painting.

I should mention that the paintings are unframed. Why unframed? Well for one thing frames don't travel as well as the paintings and chances for damage in transit exist. Frames are also heavy and increase shipping costs.The most important reason however is that people's tastes and home decor vary widely. Frame shops can be found locally and large chain stores like AC Moore and Michael's Crafts both have professional framing services at reasonable prices. When you take your new painting to a framer he/she will be able to help you choose a frame that enhances the painting and your decor and is in your price range.

I'm beginning a new series of small format floral paintings (6x8, 8x10) and pieces from the previous series are ON SALE ($100-$125, more than 1/2 off!) right now at You can purchase through artmajeur or directly from me via e-mail.

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