Saturday, February 18, 2006

Spring Cedars, 12x9,oil/panel

Low Tide, 12x9, oil/panel

One wonderul thing about plein air painting is that you get to know nature intimately, all its little quirks and changes that would otherwise go unnoticed. Both of the paintings above were painted last spring. Spring Cedars probably in Late February or early March and Low Tide a little later in late March or early April and both at just about the same spot along the Hammock River as Almost Spring in the previous post. What made me think of them was the colors in Almost Spring. They are very definitely the colors of late winter and early spring, making their yearly appearance once again, and I wanted to compare them to last years colors from about the same time. The change from winter's colors is slight but when you're standing out there looking closely and intensley at the colors you notice the change. Nature's beauty is often subtle and sometimes hidden, you must look carefully for it.

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