Sunday, January 22, 2006

Winter Day at Hammonassett
A cold but beautiful day for plein air painting! I took a large streatched linen canvas out with me today. This is my largest plein air painting ever. Plein air works are usually on the smaller side given the time constraints you have. In two hours time the sun has moved across the sky a sufficient distance to make a significant difference in the patterns of light and shadow. Mother nature can also be fickle with clouds coming and going and weather changing rapidly especially here in New England and along the coast. But after so much gray weather the glorious sunshine inspired me to break out of my routine and go BIG ! I'm pleased with the results. Enjoy!
Click below to link to read The Great Salt Marsh-by Greg Perry
Click here to read The Salt Marsh- by James Dickey


Greg said...

Enjoyed! (and my humble poem is proud to be associated with such a telling work of art.)

Jan Blencowe said...

Greg....Thanks, I thought your poem was wonderful!! Keep writing!!