Sunday, November 06, 2005

November Sunset
9x12, oil/linen panel
At 3:30 I arrived at this spot, a small bridge overlooking the salt marsh. The November sun was already low in the sky and rapidly running away towards the west. A mellow haziness comfortably wrapped itself around the distant trees like a soft sweater. Rich darks the color of coffee and licorice settled beneath the trees. As the sun slipped away so did the scarlet threads and golden jewels in the trees. Darkness was creeping over the marsh chasing away the day. My brush was flying, scattering pigment, struggling to keep pace with the change unfolding before my eyes. Quickly! Quickly as best I can try to capture these moments ticking by. Can my paints and canvas persuade this beauty to leave its impression behind? The exqusite repose of the marsh as the day was about to die.

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